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C and L Custom Tooling
Today's economy creates enormous challenges for our customers. In order to maintain profitability, they need to get their products to market quicker, deliver a greater value than ever befor, and to do it withour sacrificing quality. It's a tall order, but one C and L has an unvarying 40 year reputation for.
Where Old World Values meet New era Technology
Our in house milling, turning, welding and grinding capabilities are designed with the ability to:

What Makes Us Different
Today is the era of the CNC Machine and with our Femco HL 55S, 24" CNC Chuck,
Okuma MC-C4020, Chevalier 2040, Okuma LB-15, Marvel #8 MK-II accompanied
with Solid Works,Surfcam and Mastercam we can machine incredibly demanding
complex designs to execute a very precision and accurate machined component.
Although Today,
Is the era of the CNC machine, not every job can be performed on a CNC machine or
warrants the need for the extra expense. If you have a conventional machine need,
such as, one day turn around, one part application or just an all around simple application
we are equipped with EDM's, mills, lathes, a variety of grinders and saws, as well
as other support equipment to process your job the most effective way.
C and L Custom Tooling, LLC.- Precision Machining - Made in USA
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